About Me


My background is as an educator and researcher, specialising in Holocaust Studies. My PhD from the University of Southampton looked at the ways in which the “Auschwitz Album” photographs have been used in three museums to tell equally valid, but very different stories about the Holocaust.

I love photography and started to use my daily exercise during the UK national lockdown to record the changing world around me. Soon my walk didn’t feel complete without my camera.

As time went on, my walks extended to places I knew less well. I began to think of the things I wanted to photograph and to put that into context with data and news stories.

Based in Camden, my home is located at the intersection of routes to three major hospitals: University College Hospital, the Royal Free, and the Whittington. At the peak of the outbreak in April, the noise of sirens seemed constant. My walks took me on various routes between and around Camden, Kentish Town and Kings Cross.

My photography has been used commercially, most recently here and here, covering a Black Lives Matter demonstration in North London. The excitement of seeing my pictures out in the world is a big part of why I’ve decided to set these pages up.

If you’re led here by a search engine, looking for a picture, please contact me on jaime@framingthequestion.blog and I’ll be happy to discuss terms. If you’re a charity, non-profit or educational institution, I’ll normally be happy to let you use images for free, as long as you credit me. If you let me know, I can link to your site so I can show my images in use.

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