Feature: Discarded

The way objects have been left on the pavement has been an interesting and unfortunate side-effect of the pandemic. Scientists are concerned that the growth in use of single-use masks and gloves, in particular, is creating a wave of “Covid-waste”, but I’ve seen hand sanitiser and filters as well. None of these products are biodegradable, and all pose risks to others when clearing them up.

Sometimes these objects land in ways that are striking, even sculptural. The stories they suggest are evocative. Who wore them? Why did they take them off? What happened next?

Blow-up, Camden, May 2020 (C) Jaime Ashworth

This doesn’t, however, change the core messages. Firstly, wear a mask (it protects others while their masks protect you). Secondly, take your rubbish home (discarded masks and gloves are a health hazard to clear up).

Right-hand, Camden, April 2020. (C) Jaime Ashworth
Glove and blossom, Camden, May 2020 (C) Jaime Ashworth
The Kiss, Camden, July 2020 (C) Jaime Ashworth
Crumpled, Kentish Town, July 2020 (C) Jaime Ashworth
Formalwear 2020, Granary Square (C) Jaime Ashworth

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