Feature: Conspiracy

“Rapture”, Camden Town, May 2020. Photo: Jaime Ashworth.

“…foundering halfway between the abyss and the peak, they drifted rather than lived, given up to aimless days and sterile memories, wandering shadows who could only have found strength by resigning themselves to taking root in the soil of their distress.”

“Some predictions were based on bizarre calculations involving the number of the year, the number of deaths and the number of months already spent under the plague. Others established comparisons with the great plagues of history, bringing out the similarities (which these prophecies called ‘constants’) and, by means of no less peculiar calculations, claimed to extract information relative to the present outbreak. But the ones that the public liked best were undoubtedly those which, in apocalyptic language, announced a series of events, any one of which might be the one that the town was currently enduring, their complexity allowing for any interpretation.”

Albert Camus, The Plague (1947)

“Parasites”, Camden, April 2020.
“Our Amazing NHS”, Regent’s Park, July 2020. Photo: Jaime Ashworth.
“COVID 1984”, Kings Cross, August 2020.
“Orwell Approves”, Camden Town, August 2020. Photo: Jaime Ashworth.
“What They’re Not Telling You”, Kentish Town, May 2020. Photo: Jaime Ashworth.

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